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💫I feel like it's my story you're telling💫

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💫I feel like it's my story you're telling💫

Before I began to share my story I had no idea that it could impact so many people. I always thought like most, it's just my life, normal shit I went through. No big deal right...

Wrong! As soon as I started sharing it just as a way of "introducing" myself, people started coming to me, changing my view completely. To my surprise most wouldn't mention much of the "strategies" or "teachings" I shared. It was my story, that was the part that really got them!

They came to me with tears in their eyes, astonished at how much they could relate. "I feel like it's my story you're telling". 😯

So I took my own story seriously 😃 and not only wrote a book about it, I turned my story into workshops, courses, speaches, blogs... any way and means to share it and continue to change lives, simply by becoming their mirror. Where they can look and see their own greateness and posibilities. ( feels awesome to share heart to heart! 💕)

Needless to say, the fact that they could totally get it and understand what I was sharing, made them understand also that if I could change things around like I did, and go from being a "by stander" in life to fully taking charge and becoming a master at it, they could too.


You can't really give them anything they don't already have. They share with you the same divine traits you have. They just need to be reminded it's already within them. They already have what it takes to OWN their lives.

With love,

Idáliz 🦋




My book "El Secreto para la Manifestación de tus Sueños" is available at Amazon.

My workshops and courses: Círculo de Poder, Money Mastermind, Self Mastery Success Training and more, are in Spanish (for now 😃) and they're all available ONLINE.To set up an online class or workshop for your team, contact me 787.627.1833 or

And if you're a latin woman entrepreneur, check out my online community for business women on Facebook: 'Mujer Empresaria de Hoy, la Red de Empresarias Online' and also Instagram at @mujerempresariadehoy

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