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The magic that gets you moving towards your dreams...

Actualizado: 14 jul 2023

If you could create the life you dream of, what would that life look like? Where would you be? What would you be doing? Who would you be with? A lot of people stop there. They dream, dream big, but never make a plan, take the steps or move towards it. Why? 1. Because they don't believe it can happen. 2. They think it will require too much effort, too much sacrifice, or it'll take too long. So why even bother. Right? Same thing happened to me. 🙋🏻‍♀️ For years I thought all of that too. But I was wrong. Here's the magic that most people don't know: Once you start believing it can happen things start moving with little effort on your part. Doors open, opportunities come to you, ideas pop in your head, you meet the right people, you find yourself at the right place and time for magic to happen. So the difference between someone that simply dreams and those that actually live their dream is that we want it bad enough, we believe, and we take action but also "flow with the universe" and what life brings to us. Yes. It does require effort and sacrifices. But look around you. A lot of the things and people you need to move forward are already here. 4 Tips for you today if this resonates with you: 1. Look around you. Take note of the people, events and opportunities happening in your life that weren't here a year or two years ago. 2. Believe. Stop minimizing yourself and your dream. If you can imagine it, it can come to life. 4. Take action from inspiration. Whatever you feel inspired to do, to that. 3. Release the baggage. Sacrifice is required. But when you truly connect to your vision your energy changes. And the things that hold you back will no longer "feel" like there part of you anymore, making it easier to let go. So YES. It's not all on you! The universe has your back. You simply have to "tap into it", change your vibration and take advantage of what's happening here and now. Doors are already oppening for you! Do you see them? Idáliz, Fb: IG: @idalizescalante #coaching #speaker #mindset #businesswomen #nlp #personaldevelopment #author #empowerment #mentor #motivation #manifestationcoach #nlpmaster #empowermentcoach #mindset #mind_heart_connection

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