Unlocking the Law of Attraction

"Unlocking the Law of Attraction" workshop. It is so gratifying to teach from experience on one of the topics I'm most passionate about. I started learning about the Law of Attraction (LOA) about 18 years ago. I was still at home with my four kids, with just half of my Bachelor's in B.A., reading books, searching and learning online like a maniac (proud nerd here 🧐🤓). I was sooo hungry for knowledge and I had so many questions.

I didn't discover LOA overnight...it took years of "Oh, I get it", "Oh, now I really get it!", to "I really fucking get it now!!!" 😀😁... and it didn't begin with the concept of LOA or "The Secret" at all...I actually had to connect the dots of many readings, including the Bible, life experiences and teachings to even realize that they all taught the same thing...How thoughts, feelings and words shape your reality.

But the best part has been living it. Actually experiencing LOA and other universal laws in my life. Sure I had to put them into practice to learn, but rather, and the best way for me, is to look at my life at the moment and "see" these laws already at play. That's what helped me understand these concepts so naturally, with ease.

And although I get it now 😄😉, it never ceases to amaze me. I feel like a child with a new toy everytime I clearly see LOA manifesting in my life. If it were something I just learned from books I would've gotten tired of talking about it by now. (I do get bored easily 🤷🏻‍♀️) But LOA is real, undeniable and yet like magic everytime. So teaching this, for me, is basically telling my story and about this wonderful power I discovered I have and that we all have, and it excites me everytime.

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Happy manifesting to you all. 🙏💫

- Idáliz

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